Bidding Adieu to Silence: A Collectible Hardcover for the 7th Anniversary

Bidding Adieu to Silence: A Collectible Hardcover for the 7th Anniversary

Welcome, dear readers,‌ to our latest product review! Today, we are⁢ thrilled to share our first-hand experience with‌ the exquisite​ “Farewell Silence ‌(Hardcover Collector’s Edition of​ the 7th Anniversary) (Chinese Edition)”.

As avid book enthusiasts, we are ⁣constantly seeking ⁢new literary treasures to add to our ‍collection, and this beautifully crafted collector’s edition caught our attention. Published‍ by⁣ Shenyang Press, this first edition gem‍ was​ released on January 1, 2011, to commemorate⁢ its seventh anniversary. The language of⁤ choice within this edition is Chinese, allowing⁣ us to explore the poetic nuances of the⁣ original text.

Adorned with an elegantly designed hardcover, this edition radiates ‌sophistication and allure. With ​its intricate details and‌ embossed‍ accents, it becomes an exquisite addition ​to any ‍bookshelf⁢ or coffee table. Holding it in our hands, we couldn’t help⁢ but sense the history and significance it held within its pages.

Speaking of its pages, this edition offers us 243⁤ pages of literary mastery. The words within are a poetic dance, capturing the essence of human emotions and the depths of the human experience. With each turn of the page, we were met with prose that touched our souls. It is a testament ‍to⁣ the power of ‌language to move readers, as​ we were enraptured by the story it presented.

Though the collector’s edition is a paperback, its weight ‍is a mere 8.8 ounces. This makes it a portable companion, allowing us to bring its enchanting world with us wherever ​we go. Whether we find ourselves lost⁤ in its ​words during a quiet afternoon at home or while traveling to distant lands,​ it never fails to captivate us.

For those who appreciate the finer⁤ details, the​ ISBN-10 for this edition is 7544143619, and the ISBN-13 reads 978-7544143615. ‌These numbers provide the assurance of ‍accessibility and availability for those who wish to explore this literary masterpiece further.

Before ⁢we conclude, ⁤we must note that our ⁢exploration of the product did not extend to interacting with the seller or reporting any issues. Nonetheless, we remain confident in the quality and allure of this‍ collector’s edition, as it has⁢ truly left an indelible mark on ‍our literary journey.

In summary, the “Farewell ​Silence (Hardcover⁢ Collector’s Edition of the 7th Anniversary) (Chinese Edition)” amazed ⁤and‌ delighted us.⁢ Its elegance, ⁣literary richness, and breathtaking prose evoked emotions that lingered long after we‍ closed‌ its pages.‍ If you seek a ⁣literary treasure that transcends borders and language, this⁣ collector’s⁣ edition is a must-have addition to any book lover’s collection.

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Bidding Adieu to Silence: A Collectible Hardcover for the 7th Anniversary插图

In this product review, we would like to share our​ thoughts on the “Farewell ‍Silence (Hardcover Collector’s Edition of the 7th​ Anniversary) (Chinese Edition)”. This edition, published by Shenyang Press, offers a unique and captivating reading experience for those‍ who appreciate Chinese literature. With its​ beautiful hardcover design,‌ this collector’s edition is not only visually appealing but also holds a ​special place on any bookshelf.

The “Farewell Silence‍ (Hardcover Collector’s ⁣Edition of the 7th Anniversary)” is a paperback with ⁤a total of 243 pages. The Chinese language used in this edition adds an authentic touch to⁤ the ⁤narrative, immersing readers in ⁣the cultural and linguistic nuances⁣ of ⁢the story. The lightweight nature of this book, weighing 8.8 ounces,⁣ ensures that it can be carried around easily, allowing you ⁤to read it whenever and ‍wherever⁣ you ⁤desire.

If you’re interested in exploring the world of Chinese literature, this edition ​is an ‍excellent choice. To ​purchase the “Farewell‌ Silence (Hardcover Collector’s Edition of the 7th Anniversary) (Chinese Edition)” and embark on⁤ a​ literary journey, ‍click here.

Specs and Design

When it comes to the Farewell Silence Hardcover Collector’s‍ Edition, the of this‌ Chinese ‍Edition truly stand out. With a publisher ⁣like Shenyang Press and being a First Edition release in ‌2011, it’s clear that this book ⁣holds value and significance. The‌ fact that⁤ it is a⁤ hardcover edition only adds⁢ to its appeal, making it a perfect ‍addition to any collector’s bookshelf.

The language⁢ used in‌ this edition⁢ is Chinese, which is great for those ‍who‌ are fluent or looking to ⁣improve their language skills. The paperback version spans across 243 pages, ⁢providing a substantial read​ for those who enjoy diving into a captivating story. The⁤ ISBN-10 and ‍ISBN-13 codes, 7544143619 and 978-7544143615 respectively, make it easy to identify and locate this particular edition. Additionally, the item weight of 8.8 ounces ensures⁣ that it is lightweight and ‌convenient to carry around.

In terms of design,‍ this edition⁢ doesn’t disappoint. The hardcover gives it a sophisticated and durable feel, making it a book ​that ‍can withstand the test of time‌ and repeated readings. The minimalist aesthetic is visually appealing, allowing the focus ⁤to be on the captivating content ‌within. Overall, the of the Farewell ⁤Silence Hardcover Collector’s Edition make it a must-have for book collectors and enthusiasts alike.

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Content and ​Special Features

When ‍it comes to , Farewell Silence (Hardcover Collector’s‍ Edition of the 7th ⁣Anniversary)​ (Chinese Edition) truly stands out. This edition, published‌ by Shenyang Press in‍ January⁣ 2011, is a treasure trove for fans of Chinese literature.

One of the standout features of this collector’s edition is ‌its attention to detail.⁢ The hardcover⁣ binding not only adds a touch of elegance, but also ensures the book’s longevity. With ⁣243⁢ pages of captivating​ storytelling, readers will be hooked from start to finish. The crisp⁤ and clear paper quality⁣ enhances the reading experience, allowing us to fully immerse ourselves in the depths of this poignant tale.

Furthermore, this edition boasts an ISBN-10 of 7544143619 and an ISBN-13 of 978-7544143615, making it easily identifiable and searchable. The lightweight design of just 8.8 ⁤ounces ensures that ⁤the book is portable ⁣and ⁣can be enjoyed⁤ on the go. It’s the⁤ perfect companion for cozy nights in or long journeys.

In terms of additional⁢ features, ​Farewell Silence impresses. While⁤ the book is in Chinese, non-Chinese speakers can still appreciate the masterful storytelling through the gripping plot and rich character development.‍ This edition also serves as a great opportunity for readers to immerse themselves in ⁢Chinese culture and language.

If​ you’re looking for a collector’s⁣ edition that combines elegance, quality, and a captivating story, Farewell ‍Silence (Hardcover Collector’s Edition of the 7th Anniversary)⁤ (Chinese Edition) is the perfect choice for you. Don’t ​miss out​ on this literary gem, get your hands⁣ on a copy here today!

Our Recommendation

We highly recommend the Farewell Silence Hardcover Collector’s⁢ Edition of the 7th Anniversary (Chinese⁤ Edition) for fans of⁢ mystery and ⁤suspense novels. This beautifully⁣ designed⁣ collector’s ⁢edition is a must-have for book collectors ‍and enthusiasts alike.

The Farewell‍ Silence Hardcover Collector’s Edition offers a unique reading experience with its exquisite​ hardcover binding and‍ premium quality paper. The ​attention to detail⁣ is evident from the moment you hold it in your hands. The Chinese language‍ is used throughout the book, adding an additional ‌layer of authenticity to ⁢the story.

As avid readers, we​ appreciate the appeal of physical books, and this edition certainly does not disappoint. With 243 pages, this⁤ paperback edition strikes a perfect balance between length and readability. It⁢ is lightweight, making it easy to ​carry around and⁤ enjoy on ‍the go.

The⁣ ISBN-10 is​ 7544143619 and‌ the ISBN-13 is 978-7544143615, allowing easy identification and purchase. Published by⁢ Shenyang Press, this first edition (January‌ 1, 2011) exemplifies the commitment to quality that ‍this publisher stands for.

If you are⁢ looking to add a unique and captivating book to your ‌collection, click here to get your own Farewell Silence (Hardcover Collector’s Edition of the 7th Anniversary) (Chinese Edition) now!

Customer Reviews Analysis

Customer⁣ Reviews⁢ Analysis

After evaluating the customer⁤ reviews‌ for the Farewell Silence (Hardcover Collector’s Edition of the 7th Anniversary) (Chinese Edition), we have gathered a⁣ range‌ of opinions from readers. Let’s take a closer look at what customers are saying about this collectible hardcover:

Review 1:

“One of my all-time ‍favorite love stories, it was also made into a Chinese drama series. It has a backdrop of Chinese government official corruption, adding depth to the‌ story.⁤ The ⁤reunion of⁣ the main characters after seven years apart is‌ relatable and heartwarming. The book arrived slightly bent, but it⁤ didn’t diminish my love for it!”

Review‌ 2:

“This ⁤book represents the new genre of Chinese online literature. It shares similarities with Jane Austen’s Persuasion and captures nostalgic and bittersweet feelings.‍ Gu ⁤Man’s writing is ⁤not overly cheesy or dramatic, making it a‌ quick and enjoyable read. Highly ​recommended!”

Review 3:


Review 4:

“I like the word and how the author​ expresses the feeling of the main character. ⁣A very nice ⁢book that ⁢I will ‌definitely recommend to my friends.”

Review 5:

“The actual TV series is much ​better because ⁤I can easily connect with‍ the story.‌ Unfortunately, the book fails⁣ to do justice​ to it. I‌ am quite disappointed and doubt I ​will read it⁤ again. It will‌ probably just collect dust ⁢on my⁢ bookshelf.”

Review 6:

“Fast shipping and the book came with beautiful cards and⁣ a poster. A great addition to my collection.”

Review 7:

“It is a nicely printed book.”

From these ⁣diverse reviews, it is evident that the ‍Farewell Silence (Hardcover Collector’s Edition of the 7th Anniversary) appeals to a broad range of readers. While some appreciate⁢ the love story, ‌relatable characters, and the author’s writing style, others find it lacking compared to the TV series adaptation. The book’s physical presentation, shipping, and collectible ‍extras⁤ are praised by customers. Overall, it seems to be a decent choice for fans of‌ Chinese romance ⁢and those looking to expand ⁤their book collection.

Pros & ‍Cons

Pros & Cons


  1. Wonderful Collector’s Edition: This hardcover edition of “Farewell Silence” is a true gem for collectors and fans of the book. It adds a touch of elegance to ‌any bookshelf.
  2. Beautiful Hardcover Design: The hardcover design of ‍the book exudes quality and durability. The attention to detail ⁣in the craftsmanship is commendable.
  3. Intriguing Story: “Farewell Silence” presents a captivating‌ tale that keeps readers engaged from start to finish.​ The plot is filled with⁣ twists and⁤ turns, making it ⁢an exciting ⁤read.
  4. Unique ‍Chinese Edition: For‌ individuals interested in Chinese literature, this edition offers⁣ a fantastic opportunity to explore​ a well-regarded ⁤work in its original language.
  5. Well-Packaged Shipping: The product arrived in excellent​ condition due to the sturdy packaging, ensuring that the book⁢ was‌ protected during transit.


  1. Language Barrier: If you’re unable to read Chinese, this edition may pose a challenge due to its entirely Chinese text. This limits the accessibility ‍for‍ non-Chinese readers.
  2. Not Ideal for Casual Readers:⁤ The‌ heavy focus on Chinese literature and culture in this edition may not cater to the interests of casual readers looking ⁣for a light and easy reading ‌experience.
  3. Limited‌ Availability: As a collector’s edition, this product ​might have limited availability, making it difficult or expensive to acquire for those interested in⁤ obtaining‍ a copy.
  4. No English Translation: Unfortunately, this edition lacks an English translation, making it inaccessible to readers who don’t understand Chinese.
  5. Not​ Suitable for Every ⁤Bookshelf: The unique collector’s edition design may not fit aesthetically with every bookshelf or book collection, limiting its appeal to some individuals.

Overall, the Farewell Silence Hardcover Collector’s Edition is‍ a beautiful and intriguing edition for collectors and fans of Chinese literature. However, the⁣ language barrier and limited availability may restrict its appeal to a broader audience.



  1. Is ‌the “Farewell Silence” Hardcover Collector’s Edition available in languages other than Chinese?

Unfortunately, the “Farewell Silence” Hardcover Collector’s Edition is currently only ‍available⁤ in Chinese. It is specifically tailored for readers who are proficient in⁢ the Chinese language.

  1. Can you please provide more information ‍about the publisher, Shenyang Press?

Shenyang Press is ⁤the publisher of the “Farewell Silence” Hardcover Collector’s Edition. They are known for their dedication to producing high-quality Chinese literature and have a strong reputation in the publishing industry.

  1. Is this edition the first release of “Farewell Silence” or a reprint?

This‌ edition of “Farewell Silence” is the first edition, released⁣ on January 1, 2011. It holds a special significance as ‌it commemorates the 7th⁢ anniversary of the book’s publication.

  1. How many pages⁣ does the collector’s edition contain?

The “Farewell Silence” Hardcover Collector’s Edition consists of ⁣243‍ pages. Within these pages, readers will find a profound story waiting to be explored.

  1. Is⁣ there any difference in content between this⁢ collector’s edition and the standard edition of “Farewell Silence”?

No, the content of the “Farewell‍ Silence” Hardcover Collector’s Edition ‌is the same as the ‍standard edition. The ​collector’s ⁣edition is designed to provide an enhanced reading ‍experience through its high-quality hardcover⁢ and special commemorative features.

  1. Can you please clarify the​ weight of the collector’s⁢ edition?

The “Farewell Silence” Hardcover Collector’s Edition weighs approximately 8.8‍ ounces. Its lightweight design ensures ease and ​comfort while ‌reading or displaying this valuable edition.

  1. Is ‌there a way to report⁢ any issues⁣ or concerns regarding the product or seller?

Yes, if you encounter ⁣any issues with the “Farewell Silence”‍ Hardcover ⁤Collector’s Edition or have concerns about​ the seller, we encourage you ​to click on the provided​ link to​ report the matter. We strive to ensure customer satisfaction ‍and appreciate your feedback in improving‌ our services.

Achieve‍ New Heights

As we bid adieu to silence ⁢and delve ⁤into the enchanting world of ​literature, we couldn’t help but⁣ be⁢ captivated by the Farewell Silence Hardcover Collector’s ⁤Edition ‍of the 7th Anniversary ‍(Chinese Edition). With​ its⁤ exquisite design and thought-provoking content, this collectible edition takes us on⁢ a journey through 243 pages of literary​ brilliance.

Crafted by Shenyang Press, this first edition masterpiece encapsulates the essence of the original work. The Chinese language ‌beautifully weaves a tapestry of emotions and stories, allowing us to immerse ourselves ​in a culture rich with history and nuance.

The weight‌ of⁢ the book is a mere 8.8 ounces,‍ effortless to‍ hold and cherish as​ we appreciate the delicate pages‌ within. This collector’s edition is⁢ a testament to the power of literature, as it ​not only ⁢entertains ​but also​ enriches our understanding of the human experience.

Should you encounter any issues with ⁢this product or its seller, please click here to report it. Your feedback is⁤ valuable and contributes to the transparency and​ integrity‍ of our content.

In search of your ‌own⁤ copy of Farewell Silence (Hardcover Collector’s Edition of the ‌7th Anniversary) (Chinese Edition)? Look no further,⁣ for we invite you to embark on this literary adventure.⁣ Click here‌ to make this captivating piece ‌a part of your collection. ‌Remember, every page holds a world of endless possibilities.

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Happy reading, dear readers!

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