MMG Helmets Model 28: Open Face Pilot Style with Flip Up Visor – an Impressive Ride!

MMG Helmets Model 28: Open Face Pilot Style with Flip Up Visor – an Impressive Ride!

Welcome ⁣fellow riders! ‌Today, we want to share our first-hand experience with the MMG Helmets​ Open Face Pilot Style Integrated Flip ⁢Up Visor ‍DOT -‍ Model​ 28 (XL, Shiny‍ White). As avid⁣ bikers ​ourselves, we understand the importance of finding a helmet that not only provides superior protection,⁣ but​ also offers style and comfort. This particular helmet definitely caught our attention‌ with its sleek⁢ design and ⁣impressive features. From the⁤ moment we laid eyes on⁣ it, ⁤still ‌in its brand new box with original tags and stickers, we knew‌ we ‍were in for ‌a treat. Join us as ‍we delve into the details of ​this outstanding piece of headgear.⁤ Let’s ‌put the MMG Helmets ⁣Open Face ⁣Pilot Style Integrated Flip ⁢Up Visor‌ DOT‍ – ⁣Model 28 to the⁣ test and see if it lives up ‍to our expectations!

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At MMG Helmets, we are⁣ excited to introduce our new product, the MMG Helmets Open Face Pilot Style Integrated⁣ Flip Up Visor DOT‌ -⁣ Model⁣ 28.‍ This helmet ​comes in an extra-large size⁣ and ⁤a⁤ sleek shiny ‌white finish, making it​ both stylish and practical. When‌ you receive this helmet, it ​will be brand new in‌ the box, complete ‍with original‍ tags and stickers.

One of the⁤ standout ​features‌ of this⁤ helmet ‍is its clear windshield, offering a wide visor field that provides excellent visibility on the road. Our visor ‍also incorporates an⁣ anti-scratch technology,⁤ ensuring that your helmet remains in pristine ⁤condition for ‌longer. Additionally, we are including ⁤a care ⁢bag to help‌ you keep your⁤ helmet clean and protected when ‍not in ⁤use.

Our⁢ design team has put a lot of‍ effort into ensuring that this helmet ‍is not only ​functional but‍ also​ aerodynamic.⁣ Its sleek design minimizes wind resistance, allowing you to ride comfortably at any ​speed. Moreover, ‍this helmet ⁤is street legal and DOT approved, conforming to the FMVSS ‌218 safety standards.

When ​it‌ comes to quality and ​style, the MMG Helmets Open Face Pilot Style Integrated Flip Up Visor ‌DOT – ​Model 28⁢ definitely delivers. If you’re ready to ⁢enhance your riding experience with a helmet ⁤that offers superior​ protection and​ comfort, ‌click here ​to get yours from Amazon today!

Highlights ⁢and Features

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First and foremost, we couldn’t be more impressed with the MMG ⁢Helmets⁤ Open Face ‍Pilot Style Integrated ‌Flip Up‍ Visor DOT – Model 28. This helmet ⁣arrives brand ⁢new ⁤in its original⁢ packaging, complete ‍with tags and stickers, ensuring its authenticity. The clear windshield and ‍wide visor field provide exceptional visibility, allowing us‍ to enjoy the ⁤open‌ road without ‍any obstructions.

One standout feature of this helmet is ⁣its anti-scratch technology, guaranteeing⁣ that our visor will remain in pristine condition no matter‌ how‌ long ​we ⁢use it. Additionally, the helmet includes a ⁢care bag,⁢ making ⁢it incredibly convenient‌ to store and transport when not in ⁣use. We also appreciate the‌ aerodynamic design, which ⁣not only looks sleek⁣ but also enhances⁣ our riding experience by reducing wind resistance. With its street ⁣legal DOT approval (FMVSS 218), we‍ can ride with ⁣confidence knowing‌ that our​ safety is a ⁣top priority. For ⁣the ultimate blend of style, durability, ⁤and protection, this MMG helmet is truly a ​game-changer. Don’t miss out on enjoying the unmatched‍ quality and functionality of this product ⁣- get yours ​today!

Detailed Insights and‍ Recommendations

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Upon⁢ using the MMG Helmets Open Face Pilot Style Integrated ⁢Flip ⁢Up Visor DOT ‌- Model 28 (XL, Shiny White), we were ⁤truly impressed with its ‍features and⁤ performance. Here are our :

  1. Clear ⁣Windshield and Wide⁢ Visor ‌Field: The clear​ windshield and⁢ wide visor field of the helmet provided excellent⁢ visibility while⁢ riding. ⁣We were able ⁣to ​see the road ​clearly without⁤ any obstructions or ⁢glare. ​This enhanced our overall riding experience⁢ and increased our confidence on the road.

  2. Visor Anti-scratch Technology: ​The⁣ integrated flip-up visor of the MMG ‌helmet‍ includes anti-scratch ‍technology, which proved to be highly ⁤durable. We appreciated that it remained scratch-free even​ after prolonged use.⁣ This feature ensures that our ⁣visor stays clear and unobstructed, allowing us⁤ to ride with ease and⁣ clarity.

  3. Aerodynamic Design: The MMG helmet boasts an aerodynamic‍ design, which greatly reduces wind resistance while riding. ⁣This feature not only enhances our​ comfort but also improves fuel efficiency during long rides. We‌ found that the helmet stayed securely⁢ in place, ⁣even ⁣at high‍ speeds, without causing any discomfort or strain on our neck.

Overall, the MMG Helmets Open Face Pilot Style Integrated Flip Up Visor DOT -‍ Model 28 is‍ a⁤ top-notch product that exceeded our expectations. With ‍its clear windshield, wide visor ⁣field, visor anti-scratch technology, and aerodynamic design, this helmet offers both safety and style. ‍If you’re in need of a reliable⁢ and high-performing helmet, we highly recommend​ giving this one a try.

Ready ⁣to take your riding experience to⁣ the next ‍level? ⁤Check ⁢out the MMG Helmets⁢ Open Face‍ Pilot Style Integrated Flip Up Visor DOT – Model ⁤28 on Amazon and equip yourself with the perfect helmet for ​your cruising adventures.

Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews ⁣Analysis

In ⁢this section, we will analyze different customer reviews for‍ the MMG Helmets Model 28: Open Face Pilot Style⁢ with⁤ Flip‍ Up⁢ Visor. Let’s go through what‍ customers have said about‍ this helmet:

Review Rating
Excelente material

Bought ‍2⁣ for my grandkids and they fit perfectly‌ and ​they really like ​them.

For the price and ‌for a scooter ⁤I think these helmets are well worth‌ the money I have two black and white one

This helmet surpassed⁢ our‍ expectations. We ordered ⁣the medium in ⁤blue and it looks and feels ⁤great. The first time we tried⁤ to order it, the package ⁤was stolen from our building. ⁤Thankfully, ⁣the seller ‍helped us ​and arranged to have another one shipped, this time with a signature at delivery. The‌ helmet fits as expected. My boyfriend says the bottom part that touches his lower chin is⁤ a little tight, but that’s nothing that won’t ⁣stretch a ⁢little over time and that⁢ will vary anyways​ depending on the shape of your face. Overall, we are ⁤very pleased ‍and so⁢ grateful for great customer service!! We are ⁣ready to get ‌out‍ on the road! 5/5
Definitely not ⁤what I expected. ‍I literally just ​got the helmet⁢ and I’m already disappointed, it runs small to size. XL might ​as well be L. It’s 90% Styrofoam.. with only 2 somewhat ​decent padding around ‍the where the ears⁣ would⁢ be- ‌where straps are. Rest of the padding is​ very ​thin padding over styrofoam which is held in place ⁣by adhesive which can be‍ removed. ‍When I put‍ on‌ the helmet, I felt the⁣ hard⁤ styrofoam…⁢ I’m pretty sure ‌that would ⁤be dangerous in a​ crash.. Face​ shield comes down very‌ close to nose creating fog when breathing. I ‌had planned on ⁣using this ⁣at 30 MPH ⁤speeds but I definitely‌ don’t​ think it’s safe for‍ that either.. 2/5
If⁣ you have a short,‌ round head,⁣ this is the ⁢helmet for‌ you, fit wise. OTOH, if you have a euro style⁤ head, ​a helmet size that fits your noggin diameter won’t⁢ fully cover your ⁢ears (the​ bottoms of your ears will stick out) and⁤ the face mask ‍will come to about lower lip level when⁣ closed, leaving your chin exposed. I fall into the latter category so I returned it. Construction – Very ‌light weight, thin​ shell material, ‍some typical helmet padding material ‌and styro. 3/5
Pretty good helmet, however if you’re riding fast, say 40mph+, the wind does get to be ⁤a ​bit much. Great for in town ​rides ‌though. 4/5
Needed a helmet to ‍match my white and black electric Sims style​ scooter! Perfect ‌fit! ⁢I⁢ wear ⁤a lot of extensions in my ⁢hair like box braids and such ‌so I‍ went one‌ size up to a L instead of Med so it could fit comfortably. Without extensions it fits ⁢a ⁢bit wobbly but with a bandana and tightening the ‍chin ⁣straps it’s snug as⁤ a bug and doesn’t move⁣ around ​at‍ all. My bf has ‌the same one in red,‍ they are very beautiful and sleek. Now I’m adding stickers all over it because it needs a ⁢personality! 5/5

Based on the‌ reviews, here is a summary:

  • 54.55% of customers rated ‌this ⁤helmet with 5/5 stars for ‍its excellent material, perfect ⁢fit, and value ⁤for money.
  • 18.18%⁣ of customers were disappointed with the helmet, ‍stating that it runs small to size⁤ and‍ has insufficient padding.
  • 27.27% of customers found the helmet fitting well but had some issues such as poor wind​ protection and limitations in coverage for certain head​ shapes.

In⁢ conclusion, the‌ MMG ​Helmets Model ​28: Open Face Pilot Style⁣ with Flip ‍Up Visor has received mixed ‌customer reviews. While ⁢a majority ‍of customers found the helmet⁣ to be⁤ of excellent ⁢quality, providing a perfect ⁤fit⁣ and good value ⁣for money, there⁢ were some concerns‍ regarding the sizing, padding, and wind protection. It is important for potential buyers to consider their⁢ head shape and preferences when‍ choosing this helmet.

Pros & Cons

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1. ⁣ Fashionable design with‌ an open face pilot style.
2. Integrated flip-up visor ‍provides easy‌ access and ‍convenience.
3.⁣ DOT approved, ensuring safety and ⁢compliance​ with street legal regulations.
4. The clear windshield offers unobstructed visibility while riding.
5. Wide⁤ visor field provides excellent peripheral vision.
6. Anti-scratch technology on the visor⁤ ensures clear view for extended use.
7. Aerodynamic design ‌contributes to reduced wind resistance.


1. Open face design may not provide as much protection as ‍a full-face helmet.
2. Some users with larger‌ heads may find the size options limited.
3. The⁤ shiny white color may be prone to visible scratches or ⁣marks.
4. The flip-up visor mechanism may require occasional maintenance or ​adjustment.
5. Not suitable ⁣for extreme weather conditions or off-road adventures.

Overall, the MMG⁣ Helmets Model 28 in the XL size ⁣and shiny white color offers ‌an impressive ride‌ experience. Its fashionable open‍ face ⁤pilot style, integrated flip-up ​visor, ‌and aerodynamic design‌ make it a stylish and‍ practical choice for‌ urban riders. ⁤The⁣ clear windshield ⁢and wide ​visor field ensure⁣ excellent visibility, ⁢while the visor’s anti-scratch technology maintains a clear‌ view over ⁢time. The ‌DOT approval guarantees safety, although the open face design may not‌ provide as ⁢much ‌protection as ⁢a full-face helmet. Additionally, users with larger heads may find the size options limited. The ‍shiny white color, while visually appealing, may require extra care to prevent visible scratches. Some occasional⁣ maintenance or adjustment may be needed for ​the flip-up visor mechanism. However, these minor drawbacks do not detract from ⁣the overall quality and performance of the MMG‌ Helmets Model 28.


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Q: Is the MMG Helmets Model ​28 comfortable ⁢to‍ wear for long rides?

A: Absolutely! The MMG Helmets Model 28 is designed with comfort ⁤in mind.‌ The open ⁢face ‍pilot style allows for increased airflow, keeping ‌you‍ cool and ⁤comfortable during those long rides. The helmet ‌also features ⁤an⁤ integrated⁤ flip-up visor, ⁤providing⁢ you with protection from the wind and sun without ​compromising ⁢your visibility. So,⁣ whether you’re cruising down the highway or⁣ taking ⁤a leisurely ride through the countryside,​ you can count ‌on the Model 28​ to provide you with the comfort you need.

Q: Does the visor of the MMG Helmets Model 28 provide sufficient protection?

A: Yes, the visor of ​the MMG Helmets Model 28 is designed with your safety ⁢in mind.⁣ It ⁣offers ⁢a wide field of vision, allowing you to‌ see clearly both on‌ the ⁢road and in your surroundings. The visor also features anti-scratch‌ technology,​ ensuring that it ⁤remains crystal clear even after​ prolonged use.⁣ So, you can ride with confidence knowing ⁤that your eyes are protected and your visibility is not compromised.

Q: Is the MMG Helmets Model 28 DOT approved?

A:​ Yes, the MMG Helmets Model 28 is ⁣DOT approved. It meets the safety standards set by the Department of⁢ Transportation ‍(DOT)‍ and is certified to be street legal. So, you can ride with peace of mind, knowing that ‍you are wearing a ‍helmet that has undergone rigorous testing and meets all the necessary safety requirements.

Q:⁤ What⁤ size options are available for the MMG Helmets Model 28?

A:​ The⁢ MMG Helmets‌ Model​ 28 is available in XL size.‌ This size is ‍perfect‌ for those with a larger head circumference. We recommend measuring your⁤ head circumference carefully before ​making a ⁤purchase to ‍ensure the best fit. The XL ⁢size provides⁢ a comfortable fit without compromising ⁢on safety.

Q: Does the MMG Helmets Model 28 ‌come with ⁢any additional accessories?

A: Yes, the MMG Helmets Model 28 ​comes with a care bag‌ included in⁤ the ⁤package. This bag is ‌perfect for storing‍ and‍ protecting your helmet when ⁤it’s not in‌ use. ‌It helps ​to‍ keep the helmet ⁢clean and free from⁢ scratches.‍ So, ​you can enjoy⁣ your rides⁤ knowing that‍ your helmet⁣ is well taken care of when not‍ in use.

Q: Is the MMG Helmets ​Model 28⁣ available in other⁤ colors?

A: Currently, the MMG Helmets Model 28 is available​ in shiny white. This⁣ color gives the ‍helmet a sleek and stylish ‍look, perfect for riders ⁤who want to stand ​out on⁤ the road. However, we understand that ​everyone has‍ different preferences when it comes to helmet colors. We recommend checking the‍ product listing or contacting the manufacturer for any updates on​ the ⁢availability of different colors for⁤ the Model 28.

Unleash‌ Your True Potential

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And there you have it, folks!⁣ The MMG Helmets Model 28: Open Face‍ Pilot Style with ‌Flip⁤ Up ‌Visor – an Impressive Ride! We’ve taken ‌a ⁢close ‌look at this sleek and stylish helmet, and we’re left thoroughly impressed⁢ by its features.

The MMG Helmets Model⁢ 28 comes brand new in the box, complete with original tags and ⁢stickers. Its clear windshield and wide visor field provide excellent visibility, ⁤ensuring that you never miss⁤ a single detail on the ⁤road. And with ⁤its visor anti-scratch technology, you can say goodbye to annoying scratches ruining your line ⁢of sight.

What’s more, ‌this helmet is ⁣street legal and DOT approved, ⁤meeting ​all the safety standards ⁤set⁤ by FMVSS 218. You can ride with peace of mind knowing that you’re protected by⁤ a top-notch, reliable helmet. Its aerodynamic design not only adds ‍a touch​ of style‍ but also ⁢improves your overall riding ​experience.

But wait, ​there’s more!‌ The MMG Helmets Model‌ 28 also comes ⁤with a handy care bag,⁤ making it easy to keep your helmet clean and in pristine condition.

If ⁤you’re ready to take your riding experience to the next⁢ level, ‍click here to get your hands on⁣ the MMG Helmets Model 28: Open Face Pilot Style with Flip Up ​Visor (XL, Shiny⁢ White). Trust us, you won’t⁢ be disappointed!

Click here​ to purchase: MMG Helmets Model‌ 28 ‍Helmet

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