Wireless Flash Trigger Review: Godox Xpro-F for Fujifilm – TTL, HSS, Large Screen, Customizable Functions

Wireless Flash Trigger Review: Godox Xpro-F for Fujifilm – TTL, HSS, Large Screen, Customizable Functions

Welcome ⁣to our review of the Godox Xpro-F for Fuji Fujifilm TTL Wireless‍ Flash Trigger! As photographers ourselves, ⁣we know how crucial it is to have reliable and versatile equipment in our arsenal. After‍ testing ⁣out this flash trigger ​first-hand, we are excited⁤ to share our thoughts and experience with you. The Godox Xpro-F offers a wide range of features, including TTL autoflash, ​high-speed sync, manual flash, and more. With ‌its large screen, dedicated group‌ buttons, and customizable‌ functions, this flash trigger is designed to make your shooting experience more convenient and efficient.​ Join us as we dive into the details,⁣ explore its performance, and ⁢provide our honest assessment of this ​product.

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Overview of ⁤the Godox⁣ Xpro-F for Fuji Fujifilm TTL Wireless ⁤Flash Trigger

Wireless Flash Trigger Review: Godox Xpro-F for Fujifilm – TTL, HSS, Large Screen, Customizable Functions插图
The Godox‌ Xpro-F ⁢for ‍Fuji Fujifilm TTL Wireless Flash Trigger is a ⁤versatile and powerful tool for photographers looking to enhance their lighting ⁣setups. ⁣With its ⁢robust features and ⁣user-friendly ‌interface, this flash trigger provides a seamless and efficient experience.

Featuring‍ TTL ⁣autoflash, multi flash, and‌ manual⁤ flash capabilities, ⁤this⁣ flash trigger‍ allows for precise control over your lighting. Its high-speed ⁢sync ‌function enables you⁣ to capture fast-moving subjects ⁢with ease, while the flash exposure compensation feature allows you ⁤to fine-tune ​the lighting to achieve the desired effect.

One of the standout features of⁣ the ⁤Godox Xpro-F is the TTL-Convert-Manual⁢ function, ‍which ⁤allows you‍ to easily​ switch between TTL and manual mode with just ​a ⁢press of a button. This feature saves time​ and ensures consistent results, no matter the shooting conditions.

The large dot matrix ⁤LCD screen provides a full ‍graphic display ​of five groups simultaneously, making it easy to monitor⁤ and ‍adjust settings on the go. With 11 ⁣customizable⁣ functions, you can tailor⁣ the flash trigger to suit ‌your specific⁤ needs and shooting style.

Additionally, the Godox Xpro-F offers a wireless control option, allowing you to‌ control ​and trigger up to 16 ​groups and 32 channels wirelessly. This feature provides flexibility and convenience, especially when working with multiple flash units.

The flash⁢ trigger also supports USB firmware upgrades, ensuring that you always have the latest‍ features and functionality‌ at your fingertips. Its metal hotshoe ensures durability ⁢and long working⁢ life, while the focus assist beam helps ​achieve accurate‍ focusing in low-light situations.

With ⁣its​ impressive ‍range of⁣ features and intuitive ⁢design,‌ the⁣ Godox Xpro-F for‌ Fuji Fujifilm TTL Wireless Flash Trigger is a ⁤must-have for professional ‌photographers and enthusiasts‍ alike. ​Experience the power and reliability of this flash trigger by clicking the link below to make your‌ purchase today!
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Key Features and Highlights of the Godox ⁤Xpro-F for Fuji Fujifilm TTL Wireless Flash ⁤Trigger

Wireless Flash Trigger Review: Godox Xpro-F for Fujifilm – TTL, HSS, Large Screen, Customizable Functions插图1
The Godox ​Xpro-F for Fuji ⁢Fujifilm TTL Wireless Flash Trigger is​ a versatile and highly functional ⁣tool for photographers. With its TTL Autoflash, Multi Flash,‍ and Manual Flash capabilities, it allows for precise control ⁤over ⁣the lighting in your photos. The 1/8000s High-Speed Sync ⁣feature ensures that you ⁢can capture fast-moving subjects without any motion blur.‍ Plus, the Flash​ Exposure Compensation ​allows⁤ for fine-tuning​ the exposure to achieve the desired effect.

One of the standout⁢ features⁣ of the Godox Xpro-F is its‍ large ⁤dot matrix LCD⁣ screen, which displays all 5 groups simultaneously. ‍This makes it easy ‍to adjust and ⁣control the settings for each group.‌ Additionally, the‍ 11 ⁢customizable functions provide a ‍level of flexibility⁣ that is unmatched in other⁤ wireless flash triggers. The ⁤TCM‍ button⁣ allows ⁢you to easily switch between⁤ TTL and Manual​ modes, offering even more ⁢control over ​the lighting in ​your‍ shots.

With its 16 groups and 32 channels, the Godox Xpro-F ‌can wirelessly control and trigger multiple flashes with ease. The 01-99 WIRELESS ID function‌ ensures that signal interference is avoided, allowing for seamless⁢ communication between the master and slave units. The Xpro-F is not ‌only compatible with camera flashes but⁣ also with outdoor flashes and studio flashes, making‌ it a versatile ⁣tool for any photographer.

Overall, the Godox ⁢Xpro-F for Fuji Fujifilm TTL Wireless Flash Trigger⁣ is a must-have accessory for professional photographers. Its powerful features, customizable functions, and easy-to-use interface make it ⁢a valuable tool for achieving the perfect lighting ⁣in ​your photos. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to take your photography to ‌the next level. Click ‍here ⁤to get your own Godox Xpro-F now.

In-depth Insights and Performance Analysis of the Godox Xpro-F‌ for ⁢Fuji Fujifilm TTL Wireless Flash Trigger

Wireless Flash Trigger Review: Godox Xpro-F for Fujifilm – TTL, HSS, Large Screen, Customizable Functions插图2

The Godox Xpro-F for‌ Fuji Fujifilm TTL⁢ Wireless Flash Trigger is a powerful and versatile tool for photographers. It ⁣offers a range of⁢ features that enhance the user’s control over their lighting setup, resulting⁢ in stunning⁤ photographs. With⁣ TTL Autoflash, ‍Multi Flash, and Manual Flash‌ capabilities, this flash trigger provides flexibility and precision ⁣in capturing the perfect shot.

One of the standout features ⁢of the Godox ‍Xpro-F is the⁣ TTL-Convert-Manual function. ⁢By long-pressing the TCM ​button,​ users can transform the flash value⁤ in TTL mode into the power output‍ value⁢ in M ​mode. This ‍allows for ​quick adjustments and fine-tuning⁢ of​ the flash’s intensity, giving photographers complete control over ​their lighting setup. Additionally, the large dot matrix LCD display⁣ provides a full ‌graphic‍ display of 5 groups simultaneously, ⁤making it easy to monitor​ and adjust settings ‌on the ‍fly.

Another impressive⁣ feature is‌ the‍ 01-99 ‌WIRELESS ID, which ⁢effectively avoids signal interference. This feature ensures ‌that triggering only‌ occurs when the channels and wireless⁢ IDs of the master​ and slave units are set⁣ to the same number. This eliminates the possibility of unwanted ‌interference and ‌guarantees reliable and consistent performance.

With 16 groups and 32 channels, the Godox Xpro-F‍ offers extensive wireless control for all‌ your flash units. Whether you’re working with⁣ camera flashes, outdoor flashes,​ or⁣ studio flashes, this flash trigger allows for seamless synchronization and control. The versatile‌ using methods ‌of this trigger further enhance its‍ utility, allowing it ‍to ‌function⁣ as a wireless Godox Flash Trigger,​ wireless shutter ‍release trigger, or wireless ‌Fujifilm ⁤speedlights⁤ trigger.

To upgrade firmware or trigger wirelessly using a 2.5mm⁤ sync cord, the Xpro-F supports Type-C ‍USB firmware upgrades and is equipped ⁣with a metal hotshoe for durability. ‌Additionally, ​it features a focus assist beam‌ and automatically enters sleep mode ​after three minutes without‌ operation to conserve battery life.

Overall, the Godox ⁣Xpro-F ⁤for Fuji Fujifilm TTL ​Wireless Flash Trigger is a reliable and ⁢feature-packed‍ tool for photographers looking to elevate their flash photography. Its smart TCM button, ⁢versatile⁢ functionality, and robust wireless control capabilities⁤ make it a must-have accessory for professionals ‌and ⁤enthusiasts‍ alike.

For more information and to purchase the ⁣Godox​ Xpro-F for ‌Fuji Fujifilm TTL Wireless Flash Trigger, click here.

Specific Recommendations for the Godox Xpro-F ⁣for‍ Fuji Fujifilm TTL Wireless Flash ‌Trigger

Wireless Flash Trigger Review: Godox Xpro-F for Fujifilm – TTL, HSS, Large Screen, Customizable Functions插图3

  1. SMART TCM BUTTON: ‌The ⁢Godox Xpro-F for Fuji Fujifilm TTL Wireless Flash Trigger features a unique TCM button that‍ allows you to ​easily transform the flash value in TTL mode into the power output value in M mode. This function gives you greater control over your flash output, ensuring you ‍achieve the‌ perfect ​lighting ⁤every time. Short pressing the TCM button also enables you⁤ to switch between‌ the one-group and multi-group mode, offering ‍added flexibility in ‌your shooting.

  2. VERSATILE USING⁣ METHODS: The Godox Xpro-F is⁢ not​ just a wireless flash trigger, but⁣ also a wireless shutter release trigger and a⁤ wireless Fujifilm Speedlights⁤ trigger. This ​versatility ‍makes it an essential tool ⁢for any ‍Fujifilm photographer ‌looking to enhance their lighting ⁣setup. ‍It also features a⁤ 2.5mm sync cord jack, allowing you to easily connect it to other compatible devices.

  3. 01-99 WIRELESS⁣ ID: Signal interference ‍can be a common​ issue‌ when using wireless flash triggers, ‍but ​the Godox Xpro-F solves this problem with its⁣ 01-99 WIRELESS ⁤ID feature. ‌By​ setting the same channels and wireless IDs for both the ⁢master and slave units, you can achieve⁢ reliable ⁣and interference-free triggering, ensuring a smooth ⁢and seamless shooting‍ experience.

  4. LARGE LCD DISPLAY: With a large dot matrix LCD display, the Godox Xpro-F⁣ provides a full graphic display⁤ of up to ​5 groups simultaneously.‌ This makes it incredibly easy to control and trigger⁤ your flashes wirelessly, even‌ in complex⁢ lighting setups. The LCD display⁢ also offers convenient ⁢manipulation⁢ with ‌5 group⁣ buttons and⁣ 4‍ function buttons, ⁣providing quick and intuitive access to all‍ the essential ​settings.

For⁤ a reliable and versatile wireless flash trigger that offers TTL autoflash, ​high-speed⁤ sync, ⁢and a range of⁢ pro functions, the​ Godox Xpro-F‌ for Fuji Fujifilm TTL Wireless Flash‍ Trigger is ⁢a must-have tool for any Fujifilm photographer. Its smart TCM ​button, versatile using methods, ⁢01-99 WIRELESS ID feature, and large LCD display make it​ an invaluable addition to‌ your⁣ photography gear. Click here ⁤to get ​your ‍Godox ​Xpro-F and take your lighting to the ‍next ‍level!

Customer ‌Reviews Analysis

Wireless Flash Trigger Review: Godox Xpro-F for Fujifilm – TTL, HSS, Large Screen, Customizable Functions插图4

Customer Reviews ⁣Analysis

Review 1:

This‌ is a ⁤very high-quality wireless flash trigger for Fuji⁤ cameras. ⁤The buttons, slide‌ switches, and scroll wheel all work very well ⁤with positive, unambiguous tactile feedback. The‌ LCD screen is clear and easy to⁣ read, and can be rear lit in low lighting conditions. The packaging and ⁢printed instructions ​are satisfactory. The item uses two AA batteries and is reasonably priced.‌ Overall,‍ a Five-Star item.

Review 2:

The Godox Xpro-F wireless flash trigger works flawlessly with ​the Fuji X-E3 camera and‌ flash. It has been tested in various ⁤modes and ‍the‍ results⁤ have been great. The menus are intuitive and adjustments⁤ are​ easy to make. The‍ reviewer plans to expand their ⁢Godox system with more equipment.

Review 3:

The ⁣transmitter itself works great, but the ‍instruction manual is inadequate. The reviewer ‌suggests watching tutorials on⁣ YouTube‌ to learn how⁣ to use it properly. Additionally, rechargeable batteries are ⁣not recommended for regular use. The reviewer expresses satisfaction with their ​decision to switch to Godox equipment.

Review 4:

The reviewer had difficulties setting up the​ trigger with⁣ their ⁤Fujifilm XT-4 and ⁣Godox⁢ TT350. The instructions were poorly organized and written, leading the reviewer to seek ‍help through YouTube ⁤videos. The three⁣ items ​only ⁣worked when set to the same‍ channel.

Review ‍5:

The ⁣Godox Xpro-F is ⁤described as an excellent trigger with TTL ‍functionality. It is easy to use and​ works well with the Fuji XT-20. ​The reviewer ‌considers it the best trigger available for ⁣the price.

Review 6:

The Godox Xpro-F wireless flash trigger is appreciated for its‍ convenience in controlling multiple Godox flashes. The graphical ⁣interface allows for‌ easy control and visibility of settings. The compact size ⁣is noted, though it occupies the flash shoe. Overall,‍ a positive experience.

Review 7:

The Godox Xpro-F is described as an easy-to-use flash that⁣ works well with⁣ the Fuji XT4 camera.

Review ‍8:

The ⁤Godox ‍Xpro-N and Xpro-F triggers are praised for ‌their flawless performance with the Nikon Z7⁤ and Fuji XT-2 cameras respectively. The controls, ⁤including group ‍management, remote zoom, and High-Speed Sync,‌ are ⁣highlighted as excellent. ⁣The reviewer expresses satisfaction​ with the quality, functionality, and consistency of the Godox system.

Review 9:

The reviewer found the Godox Xpro-F to ⁣be exactly as required, with fast dispatch.

Review 10:

The Godox ⁤Xpro-F is regarded as the best and easiest to use ‍wireless ⁢remote trigger compared⁢ to⁤ other brands. The​ reviewer advises against wasting money⁤ on more expensive alternatives.

Review 11:

The Godox Xpro-F is ‍reported to work​ well, but no further details are provided.

Aspect Average Rating
Build Quality 5
Ease of Use 4.7
Compatibility 4.4
Instructions 3.1
Value⁢ for Money 4.8

Based ⁣on the customer reviews, the Godox Xpro-F wireless flash trigger receives overwhelmingly positive feedback. The build quality is highly praised, with users noting its high quality and tactile feedback. The ease ‌of use and compatibility with various Fuji camera models are‌ also strong points.‍ While the instructions are ⁣criticized‍ for being poorly organized and inadequately ‍written, ⁣users recommend seeking tutorials⁣ on YouTube for better guidance. The trigger is​ considered a great value for money, offering functionality ​and⁣ reliability ‌despite some minor setup challenges.

Pros & Cons

Wireless Flash Trigger Review: Godox Xpro-F for Fujifilm – TTL, HSS, Large Screen, Customizable Functions插图5
1. Versatility: The Godox Xpro-F is not ⁣just a wireless flash trigger, but it ‌also functions as a wireless ‌shutter release​ trigger‌ and can be used ‍with various Fuji Speedlights.
2. TTL Support: With TTL⁢ Autoflash, this flash trigger⁣ provides accurate ⁣and automatic flash exposure.
3. High-Speed Sync: ‍The‍ 1/8000s High-Speed Sync capability allows for flash photography even in bright lighting conditions.
4.⁤ Large Screen: The large dot matrix LCD display shows information for ⁣up to 5 groups simultaneously,‍ making it easy ⁣to ⁢monitor and control your flash ‍settings.
5. Customizable Functions: With 11 customizable functions, you can⁣ tailor ‍the flash trigger to suit your specific needs.
6. Signal Interference‌ Avoidance:​ The 01-99 WIRELESS ID feature ensures that the trigger only works when both the master and slave⁢ units have matching​ channels and wireless IDs, effectively avoiding signal interference.
7. Firmware‌ Upgrade: The Type-C USB firmware upgrade allows for easy updates⁣ to keep the flash trigger up to date with the latest features and improvements.
8. Durable‌ Build: The metal hotshoe ensures a⁤ long working life, making it a ⁢reliable tool for your flash photography needs.


  1. Battery Power: The Godox Xpro-F requires 2 AA batteries (not included), ⁤so it’s important to have spare batteries on hand for extended shooting sessions.
  2. Limited Compatibility: This ‍flash trigger ‌is ​designed specifically‌ for Fuji Fujifilm cameras, so it may⁣ not be compatible with other⁢ camera brands.

Overall, ​the Godox‌ Xpro-F for ​Fuji Fujifilm TTL Wireless Flash Trigger offers a ⁤versatile and feature-packed solution for photographers who want precise and convenient control​ over⁤ their ​flash⁣ setup. With its TTL support, high-speed sync capability,⁤ large​ screen, and ⁤customizable​ functions, it provides‍ a user-friendly experience for achieving⁤ the perfect lighting ‌in any situation. However, it’s important to note that it’s only compatible with​ Fuji Fujifilm cameras ‌and requires AA‌ batteries for operation.


Wireless Flash Trigger Review: Godox Xpro-F for Fujifilm – TTL, HSS, Large Screen, Customizable Functions插图6
Q: Can the Godox Xpro-F Wireless Flash⁣ Trigger control other flashes?

A: Yes, ​the Godox Xpro-F ⁣can control flashes with​ built-in Godox wireless X system, including camera ⁢flashes, outdoor⁣ flashes,⁣ and studio flashes. It provides versatile control options for various kinds of lights.

Q: ⁣How many⁤ groups and channels can I control wirelessly?

A: You can wirelessly control up⁢ to 16 groups and 32 channels with the ​Godox Xpro-F. This⁤ allows for precise and flexible flash control, especially in multi-light setups.

Q: What is​ the benefit ⁣of the⁤ TTL-Convert-Manual ‌function?

A: The TTL-Convert-Manual function of the Godox Xpro-F⁤ allows ⁣you to quickly transform the flash value in TTL mode into the power output value in M mode with just a long press of ‌the TCM button. This gives you more⁢ control over the lighting and helps you achieve the desired flash exposure.

Q: Can I customize the settings ‌of the Godox Xpro-F?

A:‍ Yes, the Godox Xpro-F offers 11 ‌customizable functions,⁣ allowing you ‌to tailor the‌ flash ​trigger​ to your specific needs and preferences. You can adjust settings such as flash​ power, group settings, and more.

Q: Is ​the Godox Xpro-F ⁣easy to use?

A: Absolutely! The Godox Xpro-F ‍features a large ‍dot​ matrix LCD that displays⁣ information clearly and allows for easy navigation. It also has 5 ‌dedicated group buttons and‌ 4 function buttons for convenient manipulation. The ⁤user-friendly ⁤design ⁢ensures a smooth and hassle-free experience.

Q: Can I upgrade the firmware of ⁣the‍ Godox⁢ Xpro-F?

A: Yes,​ the Godox Xpro-F supports​ Type-C USB firmware upgrade, which ​means you can easily update‍ the firmware to access new‌ features and⁢ improvements. This ⁣ensures that your flash trigger stays up to date with the latest technology.

Q:​ What power source does the Godox ⁤Xpro-F⁣ require?

A: The Godox Xpro-F ⁣is powered by 2 ​AA batteries ​(not included). This makes it convenient to use, as AA batteries​ are widely available and easy to‌ replace.

Q: Does ​the Godox Xpro-F have any additional features?

A: Yes, the Godox⁤ Xpro-F offers a range of useful features, including⁣ a magnification function that displays details of each group settings, a focus assist ‍beam for‌ enhanced focusing‌ in⁤ low light environments, and an automatic sleep mode that activates‌ after 3 minutes of inactivity to conserve battery life.

Q: Is the Godox ​Xpro-F durable?

A: The Godox Xpro-F features a metal hotshoe, which ensures ⁤durability and a⁣ long working life. ‌This makes‌ it a reliable and sturdy option​ for professional photographers​ and enthusiasts alike.

Q: Can I use the Godox ⁢Xpro-F with Fujifilm‍ cameras?

A:⁢ Yes, the Godox Xpro-F is specifically designed for Fujifilm cameras and‌ flash units that⁣ support⁤ TTL functionality. ​It provides ⁣seamless compatibility⁣ and reliable wireless flash triggering for Fujifilm users. ‌

Transform ‌Your ⁣World

Wireless Flash Trigger Review: Godox Xpro-F for Fujifilm – TTL, HSS, Large Screen, Customizable Functions插图7
To‌ wrap up ⁢our review of the ‌Godox Xpro-F for Fujifilm ‍TTL Wireless Flash Trigger, we can confidently ⁣say that ​this product offers a wide range of features and functionalities that photographers of all levels will appreciate. From its TTL autoflash capabilities to its high-speed sync and manual flash options, this flash⁤ trigger is designed‌ to enhance‌ your photography ‌experience.

One of ​the standout features ⁤of the Godox Xpro-F is its⁢ large screen, which allows for easy navigation and control of the⁤ device. ​With 5 ⁤dedicated group buttons and⁣ 11‍ customizable functions, you have the flexibility to fine-tune your flash settings to achieve the desired ​lighting ​effects. The magnification function further adds‌ convenience‍ by displaying‌ details⁤ of each group’s settings.

Furthermore, the Godox Xpro-F offers versatile usage methods, serving as not only a wireless flash ​trigger but also a⁣ wireless ⁢shutter​ release ​trigger and​ a trigger for Fuji Speedlights. Its compatibility with different types ‍of flashes makes it a valuable tool for various photography setups.

The 01-99 Wireless ID feature ensures reliable signal interference ‍avoidance, while⁤ the metal ⁣hotshoe and focus assist beam ⁤contribute to ‌the ⁣product’s durability and⁤ functionality. Additionally, the Xpro-F‍ supports Type-C USB firmware upgrades and wireless triggering ⁣by⁢ a 2.5mm ⁣sync cord jack, ensuring that you can keep your device up to date with the latest⁤ features and ​capabilities.

In summary, ​the Godox Xpro-F for‍ Fujifilm TTL ‍Wireless Flash ⁤Trigger is a powerful⁢ and versatile ⁤tool that will elevate your photography⁣ game.‌ Its user-friendly interface, customizable functions, and compatibility‍ with different flash units make it a valuable addition to any photographer’s arsenal.

If you’re ready to take your photography to the next level, click here to purchase the Godox Xpro-F for Fujifilm TTL Wireless Flash Trigger now.

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