Sparkling Smiles: Coral Nano Silver Toothpaste Review

Sparkling Smiles: Coral Nano Silver Toothpaste Review

When it comes to oral hygiene, we are​ always on the lookout for⁤ innovative products that can take our dental care ​routine to the next level. That’s why we‌ were ⁤excited to try out the Optivida Colloidal Silver Infused Coral‌ Toothpaste with Calcium, Xylitol, and Peppermint. With its 20 ppm Nano Proven Ingredients ⁤and promise of ‍healthy gums, we were eager‍ to see if this fluoride-free toothpaste could truly deliver on its claims.

As avid believers​ in the power of ⁣natural ingredients, we were drawn to the fact that this toothpaste contains no fluoride, BPA, parabens, or harmful sulfates. We appreciated the care that Optivida took in selecting hand-picked⁣ ingredients for a‍ truly natural experience. And with the added benefits of Silver Nano ‌Technology​ and 20 PPM Nano ‌Silver, ⁢we were intrigued ⁢by ⁢the potential ⁤health benefits this toothpaste could offer.

So, did the Optivida Colloidal Silver Infused Coral Toothpaste live up‍ to our expectations? Stay‍ tuned as we⁢ dive into our experience with this toothpaste, from its minty fresh flavor⁤ to its promotion of overall‌ oral health. Join us on this ​dental adventure as we explore the world of Optivida and its innovative approach to dental ‍care.

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When it comes to maintaining ‌healthy teeth and gums, the Optivida⁢ Colloidal Silver Infused Coral Toothpaste is a⁢ game changer. With its innovative‌ formula containing calcium, xylitol, and peppermint, this toothpaste provides long-lasting protection ‌for up to 12‍ hours ​- ⁢three times longer than most competitors. What sets this toothpaste apart is the use of Silver Nano Technology, which has been utilized for centuries to ​promote‌ overall health⁣ and combat harmful particles.

Not only does this toothpaste‍ protect your teeth and gums, but it also boasts​ a refreshing minty flavor that leaves ⁤your mouth feeling fresh and clean. With no fluoride, BPA, parabens, or sulfates, you can rest assured that you are ​using a product with carefully selected ingredients for a natural, healthy experience. Say ⁢goodbye to harmful chemicals and embrace a toothpaste that prioritizes your oral‌ health and well-being. Try it out today and experience the difference for⁤ yourself!

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Innovative⁣ Ingredients for Optimal Oral Health

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In ⁢our quest for optimal oral health, we stumbled upon a truly innovative toothpaste that has completely‌ revolutionized‍ our daily oral care routine. The Optivida ‌Coral⁢ Toothpaste is unlike any other toothpaste we have ever used, thanks to its unique ‍blend of ingredients that work‌ together to promote healthy gums and teeth.

This toothpaste is ⁢fluoride-free and contains no harmful chemicals like BPA or parabens, making it a safe and natural choice for the whole family. With the power‍ of Silver Nano Technology‍ and 20 PPM Nano Silver, ‍this toothpaste provides long-lasting protection for up to 12 hours, leaving our mouths⁢ feeling ‍fresh and clean all day. We are‍ truly impressed with the effectiveness of this product and highly recommend giving it a try for yourself. Take your oral health to the next ​level with Optivida ⁢Coral Toothpaste.

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Benefits Beyond Basic Toothpaste

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We recently discovered a ⁣toothpaste⁤ that goes way beyond the basic ​oral care routine ‍and truly impressed ‍us with its unique features. Optivida’s Colloidal Silver Infused Coral Toothpaste with Calcium, Xylitol, and Peppermint⁤ combines powerful ingredients like Nano Silver Silver​ and Xylitol to​ provide long-lasting protection for up to 12 hours. This is three ‍times longer⁤ than most competitors, giving you peace of mind throughout the day.

What‍ sets this ‌toothpaste apart is its⁣ commitment to using safe and natural ingredients. Free of fluoride, BPA, parabens, and harmful sulfates, ⁤Optivida ensures that only the best hand-picked components are used for a healthy⁤ and natural experience. The⁣ minty fresh flavor, thanks to‍ the Silver Nano Technology, makes⁤ brushing a satisfying and refreshing experience. Additionally, the toothpaste supports healthy gums, promoting overall oral health. If you’re‌ looking⁣ for a fluoride-free toothpaste that offers more than just basic care, give Optivida’s toothpaste a try and experience the difference yourself.

Our Recommendation: A Refreshing and Effective Choice

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When⁤ it comes to⁢ oral health, we want to make sure we’re choosing a product that not only‌ freshens our breath but⁣ also promotes healthy gums and teeth. That’s why we recommend the ‌Optivida Colloidal Silver Infused Coral Toothpaste. With its innovative ingredients like calcium, ​xylitol, and peppermint, this toothpaste offers ⁢long-lasting protection for up to⁢ 12 hours, which is 3 times longer than ‍most competitors.

The unique Silver Nano Technology in this toothpaste is not only refreshing but also effective in maintaining oral health. With 20 ppm Nano Silver, this toothpaste has been trusted for centuries to fight off ​unhealthy particles. Plus, it’s fluoride-free and free from harmful chemicals like BPA, parabens, ‍and sulfates, ⁤ensuring a natural and safe oral⁤ care experience. Try the Optivida Colloidal Silver Infused Coral​ Toothpaste today for healthy gums and a fresh breath that lasts!

Customer Reviews Analysis

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In our review of the ​ Optivida- Colloidal Silver Infused ⁣Coral Toothpaste W/Calcium, Xylitol, and Peppermint Toothpaste 20 ppm Nano Proven Ingredients – Healthy Gums – Fluoride Free in both Glacial Mint & Winter Mint 4 oz,‌ we gathered some insightful feedback from our customers:

Customer Reviews

“This toothpaste⁢ is very nice, doesn’t have a⁣ strong flavor, and it is not abrasive. It also‍ cleaned my teeth very well. It doesn’t foam a lot ⁢so if you’re looking for ⁢foam,​ this ‍is not for ‌you. I was looking for a toothpaste that had⁤ better ingredients., I ​came across this one and I ⁣really​ like it.”

“It tastes good,⁤ a light ⁢minty flavor and‍ have definitely noticed my teeth are white since using it. My teeth feel clean and my breath feels fresh.”

“I used Coral Nano silver toothpaste until they apparently went out of business. That product made a huge ⁤difference ‌in‍ my tooth and gum health. I used another product until I finally found this one. It’s BETTER ‍THAN THE CORAL NANO SILVER. The addition of herbs is a plus for ​me. I had my ‍teeth cleaned this week and⁢ my hygienist found almost no plaque. Gums are healthy. This product is expensive​ unless you look at the cost compared⁣ to dental surgery, treatment for infection and lost teeth. ‍This is totally worth the price. Many dental products including mouth washes are actually highly‌ acidic which is ⁢harmful to the enamel and increases infection rate. This is ‍alkaline, a very important⁣ detail.”

“This toothpaste gets rid of plaque, leaves teeth feeling clean.”

“I bought⁢ this‍ because i had ‌a really bad infected impacted wisdom tooth and even had pus coming out and needed something‍ sensitive without fluoride because I ended up getting my wisdom tooth ⁢removed and I heard that ⁣silver is​ good for getting rid of‌ bacteria. I’m on my fifth day after getting my wisdom ‌tooth removed and was able​ to cleanse my teeth on my third day and just in two⁤ days I noticed a huge difference and my teeth are white which is weird⁢ for me because I use baking soda to whiten my teeth‍ and not⁣ even that works to keep them this ⁣pretty. My teeth also got stained because I ⁢went to the emergency room due to my infected tooth and they gave me a mouth wash which⁤ stained my teeth pretty bad and‍ I’m just so beyond​ happy that this toothpaste actually works really well! I will totally be buying more ⁢products from this ‍brand. Also I haven’t been in pain at all. I’m not sure why people say that it’s painful to ⁢get ⁣a wisdom tooth removed. It’s more annoying than ‍painful, because you can’t really eat much. Not sure if it’s because of the toothpaste but it sure has made it easy on me and I’ve noticed a huge difference with my teeth.”

“We‌ had been⁤ using Coral White until‌ they went MIA. This⁤ product has similar ingredients but tastes so much better. Hoping we get the same great results ‍at the dentist.”

“I didn’t feel like the bottle was full when I received it. It’s an okay toothpaste. ‍Not⁤ sure it’s worth the cost. Tasted good though.”

Pros ⁢& Cons

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Pros & Cons


Pros Explanation
Long Lasting Protection Up ‍to 12 hours of‍ protection,⁣ 3x longer than competitors.
Fluoride Free No fluoride, BPA, parabens, or harmful sulfates.
Minty Fresh ⁢Flavor Silver Nano Technology for a refreshing taste.
Healthy Gums Safe ingredients to promote oral ‌health.
Nano Silver Technology 20 PPM Nano Silver for health benefits.


  • Not evaluated by the FDA.
  • May not be suitable for ⁤those looking for a traditional fluoride toothpaste.
  • Ingredients may not be suitable for everyone,‍ especially those with⁢ sensitivities.
  • Product dimensions may be smaller than expected.


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Q: What makes Optivida’s Colloidal Silver ⁤Infused Coral Toothpaste stand out from other⁣ toothpaste brands?

A: Optivida’s toothpaste stands out​ from other brands because ⁢of its unique combination of ingredients, including colloidal silver, calcium, xylitol, and peppermint.​ The inclusion​ of 20 ⁤ppm nano silver ⁣technology sets ‍this toothpaste⁤ apart, offering long-lasting protection for up to 12 hours. Plus, it’s fluoride-free and made without harmful additives like ⁤BPA, parabens, and sulfates.

Q: Is this toothpaste safe ‌for everyday use?

A: Yes, this toothpaste is safe for everyday use. ⁢The carefully selected natural ingredients are designed to promote overall oral health, ‌including healthy gums. Plus, the‍ minty fresh flavor makes it ⁢a pleasant and refreshing⁢ addition ‌to your daily dental care routine.

Q: How does the nano silver technology work in this toothpaste?

A: Nano silver has been used for centuries⁢ for its health benefits, including its ability to combat harmful particles. In this toothpaste, ‍the 20 ppm⁣ nano silver ​technology helps to provide long-lasting protection ‍and maintain overall oral health.⁢

Q: Can this toothpaste help with sensitive teeth or gum issues?

A: While individual results may vary, many users‌ have reported positive effects on sensitive teeth and gum​ health after using this toothpaste regularly.⁤ The safe and ⁢natural ‌ingredients work together to⁢ promote overall oral health, potentially reducing sensitivity ⁤and improving ⁤gum health over time.

Q: Where can I purchase Optivida’s Coral Nano Silver ⁣Toothpaste?

A: You ‌can purchase​ Optivida’s Coral Nano Silver Toothpaste on their website or through authorized retailers. Be sure to⁢ check for the‍ product ​dimensions⁣ and item model number listed to ensure ‌you are getting the genuine ⁤Optivida product.

Discover the Power

In conclusion, we found​ the Optivida Colloidal Silver Infused Coral Toothpaste to be a refreshing⁢ and effective addition to our oral care routine. With its long-lasting protection,⁤ minty fresh flavor, and focus on ⁢promoting healthy gums, this toothpaste is a must-have for anyone looking to maintain their⁣ oral health naturally. Give your smile the⁢ care it ​deserves ⁢and try out this innovative product today!

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